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Executive Team
Co-Founder & CEO of Equal Parts Hospitality

Jason Cassis

Co-Founder & CEO

As the Co-Founder & CEO of Equal Parts Hospitality, Jason leads the path for the overall vision of this company alongside his partner Jerrett. Much of Jason’s time is spent planning, building, researching, and developing the next steps for each new endeavor the company takes on. From designing the floor plans, to picking out the furniture, Jason approaches each new project with a very hands-on approach in order to best execute the overall experience. As the Co-CEO, Jason understands the value in surrounding himself with a dynamic team of individuals who will all help take this company to the next level of success.

Jason invests in real estate, technology and retail start-ups that are targeted toward impacting society in a meaningful way. He has created, packaged, and sold both traditional brick and mortar businesses, as well as web based technology and telecommunication companies. His experience investing in, and selling companies spans both private and public markets.

With a passion for food and beverage, and an extensive background in running intricate businesses, moving into the foodservice industry seemed to be the most natural progression for his career. The creation of Equal Parts Hospitality has allowed Jason to continue to do what he loves alongside a team of dedicated individuals who all strive towards the same goal. Jason’s hope is to continue growing both the culinary scene in a city that he loves, as well as to provide more employment opportunities with each passing year.

Kate-Lyn King

General Manager at The French

Bryson Batchelor

Head of Pastry

Chris Pyatt

Chef de Cuisine at The French

Jerrett Young Co-Founder & CEO of Equal Parts Hospitality

Jerrett Young

Co-Founder & CEO

As the Co-Founder & CEO of Equal Parts Hospitality, Jerrett leads the path for the overall vision of this company alongside his partner Jason. Jerrett spends much of his time focusing on the operations of each establishment while working closely with each team member in order to provide the best guest experience possible. Where Jerrett’s partner, Jason, focuses on the conceptualizing of each new project, Jerrett’s main role is to make each one work effectively from an internal standpoint. Understanding the importance of valuing each employee, as well as creating an environment that allows all guests to have an overall experience like none other, Jerrett is constantly exploring new ways to grow this industry in unique and exciting ways.

Jerrett graduated from UofG with a Bachelor of Science and an MBA in Hospitality Management (graduating class of 2000). Upon graduation, Jerrett joined top Canadian restaurant organization Oliver & Bonacini. During his 14-year tenure, as the Vice President of Operations he helped the O&B team navigate through a period of intense growth and innovation.

Jerrett spends much of his time between Hamilton and Toronto but travels frequently to Washington DC, where his husband of 10 years resides. He has the best of both worlds, as Southern Ontario and DC are rich in diversity, have incredible galleries, theatres and museums, and of course world-class food and beverage scenes - which will always be a big part of his life.

Irene Stoukas

Director of Operations

Marco Battaglia

Chef de Cuisine at Aberdeen Tavern

John Forcier

Director of Culinary Operations

As Director of Culinary Operations for Equal Parts Hospitality, John is responsible for guiding and shaping the culinary voice for all of the properties within Equal Parts. Working closely with the chefs and cooks in each restaurant, John focuses on ensuring every guest and member of our kitchen teams have satisfying and memorable experiences inside of our restaurants. John also spends a lot of his time working closely with local producers and purveyors to ensure that our restaurants are getting the highest quality ingredients possible.

After moving to Toronto to attend George Brown College for Culinary Management, John worked in several restaurants before spending nearly 5 years at Oliver & Bonacini’s Canoe Restaurant. While Sous Chef at Canoe, he began to realise the importance of not only the finished dish, but also who produces and prepares the food that goes onto that plate.

After growing up in Georgetown, living and working in Toronto, and spending several months working overseas in London England, John has finally settled into the wonderful city of Hamilton where he lives downtown with his wife."

Brandon Raab

Chef de Cuisine at The Diplomat

Nadia Clarke

General Manager at Knollwood Golf Club

Jerrett Young and Jason Cassis sitting outside a cafe drinking coffee
Our Mission

To conceptualize, fund,
build, and manage assets
in the hospitality industry
including golf, restaurant,
hotel and event spaces.


We also try to have a bit of
fun along the way as well.


At Equal Parts Hospitality, we all come to work everyday because we love what we do. Not only do we have a passion for hospitality, great cuisine, and excellent food service, but we also have a deep affection for the city of Hamilton. Being able to contribute to the blossoming growth of this beautiful city really pushes us to be our best selves each and everyday.

We understand the importance of cultivating a diverse and dynamic landscape – this priority is why we work so hard to make each team member feel valued. Our goal is to empower each employee to grow within the company by providing them with the tools and resources they need in order to be successful.

Jerrett Young and Jason Cassis are Co-Founders & CEO’s splitting their focus on guest experience, company and community culture, as well as conceptualizing, designing, building and managing hospitality assets.

Whether it’s food, beverage, hospitality, events, activities, or our team, our overall goal is to deliver the best experience possible. With an industry that is constantly evolving, we are excited to help shape this field we all care about so much.


We are deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We aspire to build a team as diverse as the communities we serve and the menus we curate, because we believe that our differences make us stronger as a team, and help us to foster welcoming spaces where people feel they belong. We treat one another with the utmost respect and consideration, whether with team members or our guests, we strive to listen, withhold assumptions, communicate and act as inclusively as possible. As an employer, we are also committed to ensuring fairness in how our team members experience our workplace, including how they are paid, scheduled and their opportunities for development. 

We are also united in our commitment to our community, and are continuously inspired by the blossoming growth of the City of Hamilton, which pushes us to be our best selves each and every day. Whether it’s food, beverage, hospitality, events, activities, or staff, our overall goal is to deliver the best, most welcoming experience possible. 



Diversity & Inclusion Fundamentals 

Inclusive Leadership for an Anti-Racist Workplace

Indigenous Inclusion 

Safe Space for Dialogue – Encouraging Authenticity in the Workplace

Addressing BLM in the Workplace 


Critical Conversations

Supervise, Motivate, and Lead Others


Sustainable Foodservice Professional Course


Hospitality Leadership Certificate